Case Studies

Transformation Success Story: Blue Agility

Blue Agility specializes in large-scale Agile Transformations and Application Lifecycle Management deployments. They were facing challenges around brand stewardship, revenue growth and sales skills expansion. Top company executives participated in a Transformation Workshop to assess and explore strategic improvements. As a result, Blue Agility was able to increase win rates, boost revenues and raise profitability.

Transformation Success Story: Middlecon

Middlecon is a sales and consultancy company that specializes in information management in the Nordic region.  Transformation goals included improving marketing effectiveness, growing opportunities through data insight, and strengthening the sales process.

Transformation Success Story: BusinessIT AfriKa

BusinessIT AfriKa is a Kenyan based firm focused on software implementation and support services.  Challenged by stalled growth, they were seeking a strategic roadmap to take the company to the next level.

Transformation Success Story: Data41

Having recently rebranded their company Data41 was focused on increasing revenues, maintaining strong relationships with existing clients and delivering high quality service levels across their client base.  Cardinal Points helped Data41 develop strategies to accelerate decision making and improve internal teaming.

Transformation Success Story: MindCraft

MindCraft is a fast growing solutions provider offering Consulting Services, Software Products and Technology Services to large Indian and multinational customers.  To continue to support profitable sales growth MindCraft needed to optimize and scale the organization.  The Business Transformation Workshop helped MindCraft clarify strategic priorities, better align sales efforts with market opportunities and increase return on […]

Transformation Success Story: Lighthouse

In order to drive revenue and accelerate growth Lighthouse Computer Services needed to accelerate their cross selling strategy. Through engagement with Cardinal Points they identified existing organizational barriers and developed focused strategies to meet their goals.


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