Ecosystem Opportunities

Stewarding for your firm’s future and remaining relevant in today’s market requires and often times forces channel partners to expand the breadth of their solutions portfolio. This is a daunting task in today’s digital and economic environment. Using the L6®methodology helps channel partners frame and embrace the transformation of their solutions portfolio by first identifying their true core competencies. One highly effective, yet non-traditional, means for growth is to embrace your ecosystem. Cardinal Points works with a variety of clients on growth objectives. Below is a listing of our client’s portfolio of opportunities – opportunities which may help you expand. Embrace your ecosystem today.

Efficiency Solutions Cross Industry

Looking at augmenting your product portfolio? Look no further! Generate business and revenue by partnering with us to offer a range of products and solutions that have global appeal. Our extensive research and technical capability has enabled us to build a suite of products and solutions that simplify and enhance business performance and bring about […]

Financial Services Solutions

Stay ahead of competition by differentiating your product and service portfolio. In the fiercely competitive market, channel partners face challenges in positioning their stand-alone services. They often charge a price that is commanded by the market and not the price they had set forth. Product innovation requires huge investment in terms of time and finances […]

Cloud Based Incubator

Solution Development in today’s swift moving channel is difficult much less assembling the necessary piece to complete a time sensitive Proof of Concept (“POC”). If you are working in an area of emerging technology, have a next generation “big data” solution and seek a collaborative model with Iron Mountain, NEC, SAP and Hortonworks we should […]

SAP Reseller

The Digital Economy is here and today’s end users require a more robust platform built to scale. Whether you are a legacy platform reseller or a new born on the cloud provider you may want to explore a new type of relationship with SAP®.  We are actively seeking experienced partners, sales executives, industry consultants and […]

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is either a means of growth for a buyer or value realization for a seller. Either way the M&A process is complex, time consuming and highly confidential. Channel Communities are smaller than most realize and emotions can run high in M&A.  Cardinal Points has a proven history in the area of […]

Third Party Support Services

Today’s corporate mandate forces IT decision makers to “do more with less. This has become standing operating procedure in business and government. Finding innovative ways to reduce costs and extend the life of capital investments is an expectation. Achieving this objective is not always easy. OEM maintenance is the default position for new equipment, there […]

Shared Technical Services

Having difficulty meeting your clients’ demands? Today’s end-users require immediate attention and their demands can be overwhelming to a channel partner. To be able to sustain and grow in today’s dynamic and rapidly changing global market, successful channel partners have learned that they cannot afford to offer end-to-end services alone. Partnering can fill this gap. […]


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