Our Approach

Introducing L6® Methodology

To facilitate the transformation required in this rapidly changing marketplace, Cardinal Points Group developed the six-step L6® Methodology to help business owners, leaders and IT professional service providers assess their business model. This powerful and proprietary tool is essential to successfully navigating business transformation; it provides insights and actions needed to evaluate your business and ensure it remains relevant.

The L6® Methodology relies on six basic principles:

  1. Look in the mirror for critical self-assessment
  2. Listen to your clients
  3. Locate and select a direction
  4. Lay down the foundation for your plans
  5. Launch your journey and take the next step
  6. Lead the change

L6® Methodology is a repeatable process that can be applied whenever the market environment changes. Unlike many consultants, our team of business transformation agents actively coach clients and work with them long term to guide them from strategy to execution. Contact our team at Cardinal Points Group to lead workshops or advisement services based on this unique and effective transformation model.

L6 Methodology
Cardinal Points Group Infographic



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