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More to the Point: With Summer Approaching Will You Be Swimming In Pollution?

May 16, 2017

Swimming in an ocean of social media it’s easy to get tangled up and drown in digital content pollution. Long before today’s chest beating of Social Media, and Digital Content Marketing, a brilliant and trusted mentor gave me these three tips regarding business development. Be relevant, know your audience, what resonates and what you can […]

Cardinal Points Blog - More to the Point
More to the Point: How Can I Be Relevant to My Clients in the Future?

Mar 14, 2017

Coping with today’s marketplace disruption can be overwhelming and stressful to many channel partner business owners and their leadership teams. At the same time, it is equally if not more frustrating to their technology vendors, both manufacturers, and distributors, as they want their channels to sell new solutions. Dazed, confused and disoriented both parties have […]

More to the Point: Recurring Revenue is the Holy Grail

Feb 13, 2017

In 2012 Adobe launched its Software as a Service (SaaS) model, a monthly subscription fee called Creative Cloud. Today, Adobe is a Cloud Company reaping the rewards of a bold decision made by its CEO Shantanu Narayan. Transitioning to a Monthly Recurring Revenue Model (“MRR”) is difficult and takes time. The chart below tracks Adobe’s […]

More to the Point: Turbocharge Your 2017 Business Plan

Jan 23, 2017

It’s a new year and a fresh new ledger. The fourth quarter came and went with each transaction du jour.  How easy was it to defer 2017 planning? Now the joy of starting the process all over again! Such is the reality of many of running a VAR or channel partner business. Sins such as […]

Cognitive Gridiron – A New Playing Field for Successful Business Outcomes

Nov 08, 2016

It’s been said that it’s better to be lucky than good, but what if you could increase your chances of being lucky? Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant seemed to be on the right track about increasing your luck when he said, “luck is where opportunity meets preparedness.” In football, that means spending a significant amount of […]

Cognitive Computing – A Tool for Agility

Oct 25, 2016

In a rapidly changing and disruptive marketplace, time is clearly your enemy. IBM Watson and cognitive computing can give you the ability to accelerate your agility and responsiveness to stay ahead of the curve. WHAT and WHY are key to understanding the power behind these solutions. WHAT? With today’s hectic pace of business coupled with […]

Cognitive Transformation — The What and How of Now

Jul 12, 2016

Disruption happens! Seldom do things remain the same. New technologies and business models require greater foresight with flexibility and adaption when navigating your business’ future. Living in a search engine optimized world, the legacy URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is insufficient. Your domain expertise needs to demonstrate your Understanding, Reasoning and Learning. Maybe these words will […]

5 Critical Questions YOU MUST Ask Yourself To Capture Lines of Business

Jun 30, 2016

Today growth is difficult, technology is disruptive, and decision making has shifted from IT to Line of Business. Your NEW audience is on information overload: new tech, new sales, new solutions, new services, new promises–gaining and retaining their attention is tough. If you’ve got only one opportunity to clinch their interest, what are you willing […]

How Healthy Is Your Partnership Ecosystem?

Mar 03, 2016

Being a good steward of your firm means planning ahead for its future, as well as thinking about how the actions of today will impact the results of tomorrow, next year, ten years from now. Staying vigilant about the future can mean that channel partners must expand the breadth of their solutions portfolio; many times, […]

B(r)and Loyalty… Learn to Fly

Feb 17, 2016

Will legacy channel partners cloud business models “learn to fly” in 2016?  What’s missing in today’s disruptive era of cloud computing? Passion and Client Experience. Music is a powerful means of engaging one’s emotions, unleashing one’s passion and instilling pride. What feelings to you get when you think of your national anthem, a favorite hymn, […]


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