What We Do

Your Information Technology-related business is coping with new and disruptive technologies, the emergence of new business models, the rapid ascent of new decision makers and tight capital markets. As a result, your customers and your employees are challenging your leadership.  Unforeseen competitors are attacking your brand. Your legacy sellers are in jeopardy. 

In order to properly respond to these issues, the experts at Cardinal Points Group will help you analyze your brand, assess your financial structure, and evaluate your culture and communications.

Let Cardinal Points Group Guide Your IT Business Transformation

Cardinal Points Group brings together IT business experts with more than 100 years of collective experience in aiding small businesses, corporations and IT leaders in converting their business to a successful model that ensures longevity.

Cardinal Points Group offers a breadth of consulting and coaching services including workshops on its unique and proprietary transformation method: The L6® Methodology, a repeatable process that can be applied during major changes in your market environment. See Our Approach (link to Our Approach tab)

Our Consulting Services

At Cardinal Points Group, our team of industry experts identifies and categorizes strategic drivers and key metrics for Information Technology manufacturers, publishers and service providers and their distribution channel partners. We aid in the transformation of a business from one that relies on one-time project-based IT activities to one re-oriented toward pursuing long term best practices in IT that result in a higher ROI, improved cash generation and greater tangible results.

  • Business Transformation, Optimization and Transition
  • Redesign of Business Processes
  • New Market Development
  • Enterprise Mergers, Acquisitions and Integration
  • Financial Management: Measurements and Metrics, Reporting, Working Capital
  • Human Capital: Evaluation, Compensation, Retention, Attrition and Employee Education
  • Value Added Resellers (VAR)
  • Distribution Channels Development, Deployment and Optimization
  • Turn Around and Workout Management
  • Professional Services Management
  • Defining and Strengthening Corporate Culture
  • Building a Brand Without Dependence on Your Vendor’s Brand
  • Leveraging Social Media Effectively


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