Cardinal Points Radio, CPR, delivers the insights, analysis, and strategies needed to succeed in a time of unprecedented change. Discussions offer IT business leaders straight talk on how to transform their organizations while driving and sustaining profitable growth. With extensive experience in helping hundreds of technology firms and vendors worldwide, the team at Cardinal Points Group will shoot straight about the key challenges and explosive opportunities that exist in your business. Tune in and let Cardinal Points Radio inform your business growth.

Episode 8: Focusing Your Brand Image

Do you know how clients view your business? That might seem like a simple question, but on this week’s episode, the Cardinal Points partners prove that brand image and brand stewardship might not be as straightforward as they seem. Host Bill Aylward and the partners, Warren Turner, Pete Elliott, and Kirk Hancock, discuss the surprising number of businesses who have muddled brand image, as well as considering the steps you can take to convey a streamlined and straightforward company brand.

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Episode 7: Monthly Recurring Revenue – The Holy Grail

Is a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) really a “Holy Grail” for companies? That high praise might be an exaggeration, but having one or two MRR solutions can help your business. In this episode, Bill Aylward hosts the Cardinal Points partners, Warren Turner, Pete Elliott, and Kirk Hancock, in discussing this most timely and important of topics: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), focusing on Cardinal Points’ tool that helps businesses find their perfect profitability using eight key pieces of data.

Episode 6: Managing Your Bottom Line

Is your bottom line red or black? In this episode of CPR, Warren Turner, Pete Elliott, and Kirk Hancock, the partners from Cardinal Points, are back with Bill Aylward to discuss that difficult middle ground of profitability: the black. While a red bottom line is certainly a crisis, a black bottom line is more ambiguous. The partners discuss the issues with this murky space and consider how to gauge your company’s profit sustainability and health when you’re in the black.

Episode 5: People Are the Secret Sauce

What is the secret sauce that differentiates you from your competitors?  The secret sauce that sets most successful businesses apart is people.  In this episode of Cardinal Points Radio, the team discusses key elements that high performing companies have in common and how a focus on your people can enable you to be responsive to market dynamics.  After this episode download the “4 MUSTS of a Managed Service Business” for additional insight around building your Managed Service Business.

Episode 4: Getting Outside the IT Department

It is estimated that up to 30% of IT spending resides outside of IT departments.  Solution Providers that are able to expand relationships beyond IT will gain a competitive advantage.  Hear some ideas from the Cardinal Points team on how to align with the both the business decision makers and IT to be viewed as a trusted advisor.  After this episode download Critical Thinking to Capture Line of Business for more ideas to fuel  your sales efforts.

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Episode 3: Act Today to Grow Clients for Tomorrow

What are you doing today to attract new clients for tomorrow?  In this episode of CPR, the Cardinal Points Team provides a few key steps to help firms develop a preferred customer profile and then create a process to convert a customer to a long term client. You can also download Defining Your Ideal Client – 21 questions you must answer before you go hunting.

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Episode 1: Meet Cardinal Points Group

Warren Turner, Pete Elliot and Kirk Hancock, from Cardinal Points Group, talk with host Bill Aylward about how they help clients in navigate the disruptive change taking place in the IT services channel. In this first episode, they introduce the process they use to help businesses leverage their unique DNA and develop an actionable plan to drive opportunity in a time of chaos.

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Episode 2: Two Simple Choices – Grow or Die

It’s no secret that growth is an essential ingredient in value creation, especially as IT firms cope with the disruptive changes in the industry. But the question is, how do you carefully manage transformational growth? In this episode the team from Cardinal Points group discusses how to create new growth opportunities and how the L6® Methodology can be used to develop a recipe for sustained growth.

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