MindCraft Partners with Cardinal Points for a Robust Channel Strategy

Jul 22, 2016

A combination of technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of the financial services industry can benefit channel partners. MindCraft America Inc., a provider of software products, solutions and services, has recently partnered with Cardinal Points Group, LLC to develop a comprehensive channel strategy for addressing the US market. Cardinal Points Group, LLC offers a breadth […]

IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2016

Feb 16, 2016

The IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference will be taking place February 15-18, 2016. Cardinal Points Partner, Warren Turner, will be in attendance at this year’s annual global conference to talk with IBM Business Partner executives about how to drive growth in a time of unprecedented change and opportunity. Follow Warren on Twitter, @wturner_points, for conference updates […]

IBM Webcast – April 16th

Apr 14, 2015

Change sparks innovation and drives business results. Clients looking to transform need agile Business Partners who can deliver value. If igniting change within your organization interests you, join IBM’s webcast on April 16 from 10:00-10:45 am ET, where Mike Gerentine, Global Vice President if Channel Marketing, will explain how you can deliver more profitable, game […]

IBM & CPG Collaborate to Drive Growth for Partners

Feb 26, 2015

IBM’s Channel Executive, Mike Gerentine, recently sat down with SerarchITChannel to discuss programs IBM is promoting to mentor Channel Partners.  One of these programs is IBM’s Business Transformation Initiative (BTI), a series of workshops focused on partner revenue growth and improved cash generation. Gerentine noted BTI has had impressive results, “Data pulled from 34 channel […]

IBM Business Partner Leadership Conference 2015

Feb 17, 2015

On February 10, 2015 more than 2000 of IBM’s international business partner community gathered in Las Vegas for the IBM Business Partner Leadership Conference. Five alumni of IBM’s Business Transformation Initiative (BTI) Workshop, authored by Cardinal Points Group, received top honors receiving IBM’s Beacon Award for Excellence in 2015. Cardinal Points wants to acknowledge BTI […]

Is Your Business Seaworthy

Oct 10, 2014

The seas on a transformational journey will challenge all aspects of your business. Prior to embarking on a journey of this nature you will want to insure that your business is conditioned, i.e. fit, and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself: 1:  Are the […]

How Do We Best Leverage Our Current Business Model

Oct 03, 2014

This 3rd and final of my big question series shares something important with the other two (question 1, question 2 here): the answers to each question require you to step away from your day to day, hour to hour business issues and contemplate what is critical, but not urgent regarding your business. I encourage you to do […]

Cheat Sheet “Conversation Strategy”

Sep 26, 2014

Purpose: The Conversation Strategy Cheat Sheet was designed to assist the user in their planning and preparation for a meaningful and useful conversation with a client or prospect. No more winging it, conversations with a purpose. 1. Did I outline the purpose and goal of the call? 2. What do I need to find out […]

How a Conversation Strategy Prevents Blindness

Sep 26, 2014

Nowadays it is difficult to decipher a clear path through the haze of constant market changes and increasing urgencies each day brings. This difficulty comes with many hidden dangers. When your attention is divided then your direction divides with it, resulting in something similar to flying blind. The best insurance plan against flying blind is […]

One Question Every I.T. Reseller or Service Provider Must Answer Immediately

Sep 19, 2014

Market changes are well underway that will dramatically change how your clients think and what they want. Transformation is in the air, cloud computing has created an explosion of new alternatives for virtually every I.T. function and I believe it won’t be long (to be measured in months not years) before this explosion will have an […]

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