Cognitive Computing – A Tool for Agility

Cognitive Computing – A Tool for Agility

In a rapidly changing and disruptive marketplace, time is clearly your enemy. IBM Watson and cognitive computing can give you the ability to accelerate your agility and responsiveness to stay ahead of the curve. WHAT and WHY are key to understanding the power behind these solutions.

WHAT? With today’s hectic pace of business coupled with daunting amounts of data (both structured and unstructured), dependence on applied learning is futile. Due to the nature and complexity of change, traditional plan-driven approaches fail to deliver desired objectives because the plan becomes obsolete quickly after it is put in motion. In this environment, agility is an imperative and real-time learning in a collaborative manner is the most effective path to achieving successful outcomes.

WHY? The adage of 5 whys to get to the root cause of a problem can be laborious, frustrating and time-consuming. Cognitive computing like Watson eliminates this through an ongoing collaborative iterative learning process. Watson and the user are learning from one another. This adaptive and agile learning process will provide users the clarity and speed needed to adapt and implement timely solutions to complex problems, providing a new strategy for transformation.

This imperative to be agile becomes even more pronounced in the disciplines of accounting and finance where risk managers and decision makers will need to embrace cognitive technology to improve risk intelligence. Cognitive computing can provide deeper knowledge and new insights to help address risk issues  such as credit, claims, personnel, and security – providing rich data for in-depth analysis and real-time execution. Watson will be an invaluable tool to the Accounting and Finance profession for years to come.

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