Cognitive Transformation — The What and How of Now

Cognitive Transformation — The What and How of Now

Disruption happens! Seldom do things remain the same. New technologies and business models require greater foresight with flexibility and adaption when navigating your business’ future. Living in a search engine optimized world, the legacy URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is insufficient. Your domain expertise needs to demonstrate your Understanding, Reasoning and Learning. Maybe these words will begin to define or shape a futuristic URL.

Manufacturers, Distributors and Channel Partners, collectively the Ecosystem, must work collaboratively and harmoniously to demonstrate domain expertise and carry-on relevant conversations with line of business leaders. Such expertise is required by today’s line of business decision makers and can only be shown with great empathy and understanding of their problems and challenges. Forget the legacy pretense and shallowness of commoditized product offerings. Each member of the Ecosystem must be true to themselves and one another to effectively penetrate their sought after market. As each of member transforms, their communication plans will be at a premium.

Transformational change management of this nature is extremely complex and simultaneously contending with today’s disruptors makes matters riskier. All said and done this puts tremendous stress on the organization and its leadership team. Not all companies will make the right decisions and choices and many will pay the ultimate price and cease to exist. Companies that transform their thinking, as well as build and execute solid strategies will have higher value in both their ecosystem and marketplace.

Since 1998 Cardinal Points Group has been working within the entire channel ecosystem. Our Domain Expertise (Understanding, Reasoning and Learning) is best demonstrated by our L6®Transformation Methodology or in our workshops, cases studies and resource tools. If you would like to engage in conversation around our assistance with “Cognitive Transformation… the What and How of Now” please contact us at

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