Is Your Business Seaworthy

Is Your Business Seaworthy

The seas on a transformational journey will challenge all aspects of your business. Prior to embarking on a journey of this nature you will want to insure that your business is conditioned, i.e. fit, and prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

1:  Are the people (your passengers) you need on board and if so do they know their roles?
Can they handle a dynamic and evolving business model? If not then this journey may not be for them. It is critical to have people on board who understand their role in navigating an enormous changing sea ahead. They must take the initiative to embrace change and manage through it.

2: Are your passengers ready for the challenges that lie ahead and understand the risks(and rewards)? 
As new routes develop so do new decision makers . Do your passengers  understand the array of new client decision makers? Are they aware of the relationships outside of IT and non-traditional product sales that impact the business? Do they know buyers require us to have more insight into their businesses than ever before to feel comfortable buying?

3: Are your passengers functioning as a team and are they adaptive to change?  
As IT cycles compress and commoditization takes hold fading fast are lone ranger sales. The rise of consensus buying and the increasing complexity of alternatives require a team approach to selling. Do your passengers  understand and embrace balanced compensation plans and mutual accountability?

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