IBM & CPG Collaborate to Drive Growth for Partners

IBM & CPG Collaborate to Drive Growth for Partners

IBM’s Channel Executive, Mike Gerentine, recently sat down with SerarchITChannel to discuss programs IBM is promoting to mentor Channel Partners.  One of these programs is IBM’s Business Transformation Initiative (BTI), a series of workshops focused on partner revenue growth and improved cash generation. Gerentine noted BTI has had impressive results, “Data pulled from 34 channel partners that participated in a BTI workshop showed an average of just over 20 percent quarter-to-quarter revenue growth.” (SearchITChannel,  2/20/15)

IBM is a strategic partner, and Cardinal Points Group knows first hand the success driven by the BTI workshop.  Using our signature L6™ Methodology as a foundation, we have developed and deployed approximately 100 BTI workshops in collaboration with IBM since the program’s inception.

Cardinal Points Group Partner and BTI Author Warren Turner echo’s Gerentine, “We consistently receive feedback from channel partners that this workshop provides the catalyst they need to move their business to the next level, and it’s rewarding when that progress is directly reflected in the bottom line. Five of IBM’s 2015 Beacon award winners are BTI alumni.”

If your goal is to improve your operating performance and build a long-term roadmap for navigating shifting market environments, think big, act small, and scale fast! Contact your IBM channel sales representative or get in touch with us at Cardinal Points Group.

To learn more about the methodology behind these workshops download your copy of the L6™ today.


About the Author  Warren Turner

Warren Turner of Cardinal Points Group authored the Business Partner Transformation Workshop in 2012, and plays a vital role of facilitating workshops and refreshing its content.

Warren began his career with Arthur Andersen & Co. in the mid-1980’s, and is now a partner and the founder of Cardinal Points Group, LLC. He assists owners and executives of value-added technology resellers, distributors, manufacturers, and independent software vendors in business planning, strategy formulation, organization structure, business measurements and controls, as well as finance. In 2012 he developed the L6™ Transformation Methodology.

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